WIFI & Cellular Solutions

Man using cell phone
  • Site Survey (Hard to solve what you can't see).
  • Heat Mapping (See: Site Survey).
  • Cell Solutions for all carriers in one device.
  • Sales Configuration & Service for your system.
  • Wiring (We know it seems like an oxymoron).
  • Robust Network Backbone - because your ISP won't.

Computer Solutions

Computer setup

We will help you select the computer that's the best fit for you, and provide consultation on:

  • print Printers - All in Ones, Ink Jet, Laser
  • battery_unknown Surge Protection & Battery Back Up
  • report_problem Anti-Virus Protection
  • backup Data Backup Strategies

But most of all, we will provide help when we are needed the most. When your computer is slow, we can diagnose and remove most of the types of Malware & Viruses. Although, not all of them can be remediated (See: Backup Strategies).

Home Automation Solutions

TV setup

We create the technology backbone that all of these services depend on. As a result, we do a great deal of work with providers of these services.

We have the luxury of seeing on a daily basis, jobs being done right - it puts us in a position to comfortably make a recommendation for you.

Do you trust the installation team from the warehouse store to come into your home to install your beautiful new TV on the wall and hide all the wires? Or should you be using a CEDIA certified professional?